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23 December 2007 @ 08:09 pm

ok heres my life.. my weekend with damion kicked ass!! loved being with him love him!!.. monday went to see him again.. totalled my car by hitting a damn dear.. blah oh well that night/morning damion told me he will be moving to regina to be with me !!!!YAY!! me so happy about that.. then when i got back home i moved out with amanda and james i now live in the east end woot .. closer to work and what not.. um we will hopefully be moving out ina month or so.. then im moving out with damion when ever he moves here i talk with him almost everynight !.. me happy about that .. and ya he will be coming here sometime next month to see me.. so happy cant wait to jump in his arms :) so going to cry when i see him.. ha love him !!! hehe .. but ya hes moving here !!! YAY!! hehe ummm what else.. i think thats all thats going on in my life.. moved out .. living with my boyfriend in  two months or so,, getting a car hopefully in the next two weeks or so.. so ya thats all ill rant n talk later

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03 December 2007 @ 03:11 pm
ok  i got paid on fri i think it was.. so i now have money woot!!.. cant wait till the weekend.. friday pick up amanda and go to swift get to swift track damion down and jump on him haha.. sat hang out then get some drinks hehe .. eeeeee cant wait.. oh my new hours are from 6-2 everyday and sat its still 7-3 wootness.. hmm tuesday getting my hair done and hanging out with celina.. should be fun then ya thats my week and weekend in a nut shell i get dirext deposit on sat soo money in the bank shorty what you drank haha .. hmm thinks thats all thats new.. besides talking to damion a lot.. sat talked to him till 4 in the morning.. hehe :) is happy !!.. hmm but ya think thats all ill chat later

 oh ya picking up ed from swift and taking him back to regina.. him and colin are not getting along.. well no kidding i knew that was going to happen sooner or later ha.. but ya thats my other news
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29 November 2007 @ 04:46 pm

k well here is my day.. went to work, worked till 1.. got sent home cuz i was getting my bank all sorted out.. called blake he met me at wendys in the north end.. i took him to the bank.. omg him in my car looks so funny cuz hes all tall.. ya it was great lol .. anyway got to the bank waited in line, then found out my check from two weeks ok.. (ok heres the story.. it got sent to albert street but they couldnt find it, blake cancelled my check said that i will get another one.. well they called me saying that they have my check went to go and get it.. cashed it but found out today that, that check was the cancelled one) so ya figured that out.. now i should get paid tonight.. if i dont get paid tonight from that check, then blake will pay me tomorrow 700 dollars in cash.. woot.. so ya thats my day.. im still broke .. blah but ya thats my news.. oh ya .. i talked to damion !!!  i got my boy back.. he told everyone to fuck off ... so happy .. back to going on my trip next weekend :)

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28 November 2007 @ 11:22 pm

k sheena is happy.. damion called.. had no clue cuz ya.. cell was in my room.. wow ya the one time its not on me .. lol oh well he called back.. we talked he said he was sorry for all of this bullshit that has been going on.. he is sure as hell not with channy..  he wanted to make that clear and that he is calling everyone and telling them to fuck off cuz he wants to be with me and he loves me..  k i soooooooo wanted to hear that... i really want to go see him.. i so want to . but i didnt get paid .. so i need my money .. but to get my money.. i need to see what the hell is going on.. blah .. so now have to wait till tomorrow blah so ya .. but sheena is happy.. i knew he wasnt with her.. but i just freaked out.. broke down .. and ya i freaked right out.. i dont want to lose him.. i loved hearing his voice.. he said he loved me and he hates everybody..and wants them to fuck off and leave him alone.. except for me cuz ya im special lol .. yay!! pics are back up on facebook...

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28 November 2007 @ 08:19 pm
 GREAT.. sheena is broke.. went to get gas today.. ya i have NO MONEY. well im sorry i had $10 left.. what the Hell!!!.. well i guess my check i got didnt go thru all the way.. or   the bank messed up one place is saying that the place screwed up and vice versa.. blah what gives i want money.. and ya my love life is shit.. blah broke and no one to love.. oh ya can it get any better than this?... umm dont answer that..
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26 November 2007 @ 09:17 pm

k i have to rant.. if im a fucken psycho for loving a guy so bloody much and he says he loves me, why the fuck cant i be fucken happy!!.. hes what i fucken want.. im sick of this bullshit.. but hes happy with her.. he has a family now.. well open your fucken eyes ok does he really want to be with her HUH?!?! .. ya sheena cant be happy it seems, she has wanted this guy for a long time.. she was happy to be with him.. now you want to take that away from her, AGAIN.. like fuck.. how much more pain can i take from liking guys.. from wanting to be with them.. for fucken everything!!! tempted to say fuck it.. i dont need this i dont need the pain.. im drowning myself into work.. working 20 days straight 9 hours a day.. working even later after my shifts.. why?!.. ya i can tell you why, the later i stay the shorter the day gets.. then its closer to the weekend when i get to talk to him.. thats when im the most happiest.. when im talking to him.. oh no i cant be with him its 4 hours away from me.. working.. when other women want him and how am i suppost to say ya hes mine when hes not.. i so want him to be .. but do i have any say in it yet.. no cuz hes still *with her, and that i should move on, i should understand that they are together... im  not sorry but there is no way in fucken hell am i going to be happy about that.. fuck that, see if i knew that this would just go on and on and continue to be bullshit.. i wouldnt fall hard for him.. but iv wanted him ever since i saw him.. so ya i guess i couldnt stop myself when i had the chance to see him.. maybe get together ya.. a week fucken later it goes down hill again.. sigh .. sheena cant fucken win can she..  im going to stop before i start crying cuz im sick of this .. sick of a person telling me to fuck off and get a life and get over him.. well fuck that.. i wont till he says so.. my heart wants him.. there .. theres my rant for the day..

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25 November 2007 @ 06:25 pm
eeeeeeeee ok i love life.. i work a lot.. which has gotten me a big pay check which im happy about .. umm christmas is coming soon which i got a couple of christmas shopping done so far.. amanda, sarah are done .. hehe!!.. which sarah i love your gift!!.. i wanna see it with you.. hint hint .. hehe umm me so happy.. been talking to damion for a while now.. really love that  freak.. hehe!!.. going to see him on the 7th of Dec!! YAY!!.. stealing amanda away for that road trip.. only cuz first time driving up there and i really dont want to get lost going up there.. might take someone else *celina, only didnt ask you cuz you took off days for work and this is REALLY.. a spur of the moment thing* that or go up there myself .. dont care just as long as im in his freaking arms.. omg im so happy its not even funny.. he just REALLY makes me smile.. hehe ooooo i got new pics of him.. which are on facebook i so have to show of my SEXY boy.. well i think hes sexy, hes soo cute, and funny.. and AWSOME!!!. eeeeeeeeeeeeeE did i mention im so happy.. ummm ya back on topic.. i have left is celina,candy thinks thats all my really  close friends that im getting anything.. damion doesnt want me to spend money on him :( aw!!.. but hes getting a kiss .. thats all he gets, hehe ummmmmmmmm ya thinks thats all that i can think of that has happend in the last little bit.. oh ya that and stupid women wanting to steal my damion away.. i dont think so hun!!.. haha.. my sexy boy hehe.. ME LOVE HIM !!!... hehe umm ya thats all i thinks right now.. i shall write later 
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